About Us

About Us

Our company entered the coffee industry in 2014 and started the production of its first product, Turkish coffee, under the brand "Telveli".

In 2015, as a result of our R&D studies, our "Ready Turkish Coffee" and "Turkish Coffee with Milk" products were offered to our people. Our company has always aimed to successfully enter the "Best Quality, Best Taste" innovative products in our country and abroad market.

With the principle of "Best Quality, Best Taste", it continues on its way by increasing its brand value over time in the country and abroad. Following the establishment of experienced personnel and strong dealerships in the Turkish domestic market in a short time, it made its first exports from European countries to Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.

The single and most important reason for such rapid development is the strength of our company and the highest level of product quality.

Our Vision;

To be a universal, respected and leading company that is the symbol of continuous development and change and makes a difference, not only in Gaziantep, but also in the National and International platforms, in our own sector.

Our Mission;

To move forward to become a company that values our customers, business partners, suppliers and employee satisfaction above all else, is sensitive to people, society and the environment, is innovative, follows the latest technology, and operates without sacrificing quality.