About Coffee


Coffee is a beverage made by mixing the powder obtained by roasting and grinding the fruit seeds of a tree in the Coffea genus of the Rubiaceae family and mixing it with water or milk.

Coffee's main production place is Southwest Ethiopia. The city of Kaffa, located here, gave its name to this product. In the high plateaus of Ethiopia, the homeland of coffee, and in the regions where the wild coffee plant grows naturally, the local people used to turn the grains of this plant into flour and make a kind of bread. After boiling the fruits, drinking the juice was used for medicinal purposes and was called the "magic fruit". In the 14th century, with a brand new discovery, roasted coffee beans were crushed and then boiled and served to me.

Ozdemir Pasha, who was the Governor of Yemen during the reign of Yavuz Sultan Selim, brought the coffee he drank and loved very much in Yemen to Istanbul. Coffee took its place in the palace kitchen as a prestigious beverage in a short time and attracted great attention.

Coffee, which entered houses from palaces to mansions, quickly became a flavor that the people of Istanbul became passionate about. Purchased raw coffee beans were roasted in pans, beaten in mortars, and then cooked in coffee pots.

The Venetian merchants who came to Istanbul carried this drink, which they loved very much, to Venice. Thus, Europeans met with coffee. The coffee, which was previously sold on the streets by lemonade sellers, took its place in Italy's first coffeehouse, which opened in 1645. These coffeehouses, whose numbers have increased rapidly in a short time; As in many other countries, it became the most popular place where artists, students and people from all walks of life came together and chatted.

Coffee is the most consumed non-alcoholic product after tea in countries like Turkey. Consumption is generally high in temperate regions. The average height of coffee trees varies between 5 and 7 meters. Coffee is generally produced in tropical regions between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer.

There are many types of coffee. The oldest of these is the type of coffee known as Arabica. This type of coffee is grown in mountainous areas. Coffee trees grow at an average altitude of 1500 meters. Arabica constitutes a large part of the world's coffee production. This rate, which is about 70%, may vary according to climatic conditions. It is more expensive than other types of coffee. Coffee is seen in two ways, wet and dry. Arabica coffees are usually wet-processed, which is more expensive.