A Turkish Coffee and Chocolate Pudding recipe worthy of your family and guests from the Star of the Kitchen, the creator of insatiable tastes. Become a free member of mutfaginyildizi.com, add your own recipes, take your place in the sweet competition of taste.


  • 1 pack Pakmaya Vanilla Pudding
  • 1 teaspoon of Turkish coffee, in powder form
  • 1 pack Pakmaya Dark Chocolate Pudding
  • 5 glasses of milk (1 lt)
  • To decorate; 1 small bowl of fresh strawberries


  • Cook Pakmaya Vanilla Pudding, Turkish coffee in powder form and Dark Chocolate Pudding in separate pots with 2.5 cups of milk until it reaches a dense consistency.
  • Remove the puddings from the heat. Cool at room temperature, stirring occasionally with a spoon, without crusting.
  • Divide the puddings into small serving glasses decoratively in two colors. Chill in the refrigerator.
  • Before serving the puddings, dice the fresh strawberries and scatter them over the glasses. Serve cold.

Source; https://www.mutfaginyildizi.com/tarif/turk-kahveli-ve-cikolatali-puding-tarifi